Why do selections have to be so early in the process?

Our goal is to build your home on time and without surprises. We need to ensure the field has the necessary information to build your home to stay on schedule. Approximately 3 weeks after signing your construction contract and prior to the start of construction, we will meet with you to start selecting the materials and finishes for your home.

Secondly, we want you to have time to make educated decisions and time for us to generate the cost of any changes.

Finally, you will find that many selections are interdependent. For example, we need your cabinetry and plumbing layouts to correctly plumb your foundation. Since countertops and tile are so integrated with cabinets, it makes sense to select all these finishes at one time. Also, many communities have an architectural review committee that must approve your exterior colors and materials prior to the start of construction so we need those prior to breaking ground on your home.